It‘s the first of December, which means 24 days until Christmas! But the tree is not decorated yet, so the little snowball quickly goes in search of the golden Christmas balls. But on his search he is confronted by Christmas haters and many other obstacles that want to break the Christmas balls he has collected. To overcome this difficulties, he uses snow and pine cones to influence his pace and size, he even teleports himself to far away islands by sniffing some ice-flowers! Can the little snowball manage to collect the 24 Christmas tree balls in 3 levels and decorate his tree?
Interaction Method

The control of our game works via Arrow and WASD keys on the keyboard, but also through the Iphone with the app ZIG ZIM. To control the player snowball with the Iphone, it just needs to be turned to the left and the user can control the player with his finger on the phone screen.

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