The Around app shows what you can experience in a city. Its simple design and subdivision into business or private person makes it possible to reach the results via a short click path and offers useful additional functions. The creation of use cases, wireframes, sketches, mood boards (images: © Copyright Pinterest) and personas were part of this work.

Every time I am in a new city, I need different apps to reach my destination. I need an extra app each time to find out what's near me, how good it is, how to get there, and what to do in the city in the first place. This takes a lot of my time and is very cluttered.

Proposed solution

Development of an app where I get my personal search result with few clicks and clearly arranged. An event calendar of the respective city is integrated, so that one does not miss urban festivities or events. Events can be booked in the app and paid for directly. Functions such as restaurant reservations and pre-ordering meals are also included in the app.


I would like to combine all these functions comfortably in a clear app. It is important that it works with the smartphone, so that I can spontaneously see what is going on in my area. I would also like to know in advance if I can pay by card and park there, so I can plan for that.

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